Paul Guiragossian

Paul Guiragossian was an Armenian Lebanese painter best known for his figurative works. His colorful compositions straddle the boundary between representation and abstraction, as his linear standing figures degenerate into vertical bands of color. Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1925 to an Armenian family, Guiragossian's early love and talent for visual art is demonstrated in an anecdote about childhood play: “I began to draw when I was seven years of age. There were children who used to play with their paper kites in their gardens amongst the olive trees. I used to watch them through the classroom window, and they would ask me to draw on the paper that they would use for their kites. They used to like my kites best as they were full with many colors.” Guiragossian went on to study at Studio Yarkon in Jaffa, Israel before receiving significant attention for his psychological paintings, garnering recognitions like a scholarship for study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and a 1991 solo exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. The artist died on November 20, 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon.

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