Zoha Abdulsater

Zoha Abdulsater was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, the city of extremities. She studied English Literature during her BA and continued her graduate studies in Comparative Literature. during her studies Zoha had had several conceptual photography exhibitions one of which was held in Ohio, USA. After her graduation, she started teaching English Literature at the Lebanese American University of Beirut, LAU. She had worked on some critical writings one of which was published in Intellect, The International Journal of Francophone Studies. Zoha has always been driven by language and art, or “fascinated’ as she says. Her MA thesis was an interdisciplinary approach to a comparative study between Arabic novels and the paintings of Salvador Dali, where she applies theories of psychoanalysis to dig deeper in the two art mediums: words and images. This fascination is behind zoha’s integration of language In her artwork. For her art is a leap above ‘the social reality’ that which makes us free of the norms that limit our deep true reality. Language however resembles Structure, the rules of how things should be said. In her artwork, zoha plays with speech, sometimes she hides a statement and sometimes she says it bluntly. In both ways she is trying to portray human reality with a tweak of beauty.

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