Born and raised in the Ivory Coast, where graffiti’s only presence was found in Hip-Hop magazines, EPS started sketching with hopes to participate in the movement. Limited by the lack of a scene, his self-taught journey would quickly hit a ceiling. In 2002, the civil war tore Ivory Coast apart and the 18-year-old artist found himself returning to his parent’s home country, Lebanon. The walls of Beirut were almost as untouched as his previous home, but in 2006 the sound of spray cans started echoing throughout the streets. EPS rose to the occasion and started claiming his share of the city’s walls. Painting became his way of personalising his surroundings, to become a part of them. Today, the street-crowned name ‘EPS’ and his characters are present all over the region and his work has expanded to major graffiti festivals internationally including the world record of longest graffiti scroll which took place in Dubai and The Open Summer Jam in Toulouse, France. His most notable work is his signature monkey ‘CEASAR’. CEASAR has quickly taken a life of his own; his shape and colours have been developing in front of the population for the past three years and he can be found on every other corner around Beirut, with plans to visit the rest of the world and document his journey.

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